Keith Espinoza, Automated Accounting Services Lakewood, Colorado

Your Tax Professional

At AAS we prepare tax returns. We pride ourselves on filing extremely accurate tax returns with the use of state of the art software. Our “stock-in-trade” is staying current on the latest changes to the tax code, and applying those changes to our client’s tax situations.

Schedule your appointment and let us turn a potentially painful experience into a simple and enjoyable solution. We work by appointment and generally stay on time. As we go through our interview process you will begin to feel more at ease, knowing that you are in the hands of a professional. During your appointment we are very thorough but also like to “keep it light”. We view our client base as a large extended family, "so to speak". We have come to know many of our clients personally over the years, and even serve three generations of some families.

Begin preparing for your tax appointment by collecting all of your important tax documents that come in the mail in January. See the tax organizers on this site. Fill them out or simply use them for guidance in gathering your records. Make your appointment and come see us. After your return is complete we will e-file with the IRS and state(s) and give you a copy for your records (we can prepare all states). Your copy will be available by either paper or PDF file (your choice). We generally encourage our clients to direct deposit their refunds straight into their checking or savings accounts. Visit this IRS link to check the status of your refund.

A growing percentage of our clients mail their information to us from around Denver, around the country, and even from overseas! If you want to save time you may email, mail, fax, or hand carry your information to us. We accept payment for our services by cash, check, eCheck, Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and American Express. If your cash flow is tight, we are even able to deduct our prep fee straight out of your refund (an additional bank charge of $35 applies).

Call today to schedule your appointment and let us put our years of experience, know-how and expertise to work for you!